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Bolivian doctors fighting for socialism (10)

By Andre Vltchek (People's Daily Online)

15:18, June 18, 2012

Baby on her back (People's Daily Online/ Andre Vltchek)

“Please stop”, I asked my young friend, a doctor, as we were descending from El Alto, from more than 4.000 meters, to that enormous crater of La Paz. I spotted a huge graffiti demanding ‘Medical care for all’ and next to it a corpulent indigenous lady wearing her traditional outfit. I wanted to film the scene. As I was shooting, a lady suddenly moved aside, exposing the rest of the slogan her body had been sheltering before: “and it should be free!”

I liked the sight. I liked the lady, looking at me sarcastically but with a friendly spark in her eyes. I liked this enormous city of La Paz down below. I liked Mount Illimani covered by snow on the horizon, the symbol of this glorious and injured culture that was just beginning to heal. I liked the indigenous flags flying next to those of Bolivia.

“Whom would you like to heal?” I asked my friend, lighting up my Cuban cigarillo.

He did not answer; just waved his hand at the city and at the hills of El Alto, covered by slums.

“Good”, I said. “There will be plenty of work for you here.”

He nodded confidently and proudly, before shifting the gear.

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