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Bolivian doctors fighting for socialism (8)

By Andre Vltchek (People's Daily Online)

15:18, June 18, 2012

Entrance to the mobile clinic (People's Daily Online/ Andre Vltchek)

There was no panic -I realized that many people on board were probably flying for the first time, unaware of the danger. And I was simply too tired to feel anything as I had been working for several days and nights without rest.
After several tense minutes, the pilots managed to gain altitude and we flew over the mountains, but just about.

The metaphor was clear, I thought. It was exactly what Bolivia was going through at this historic period. It was beyond the point of no return, and it could not change its direction. If the country would leave its path towards egalitarian society -historically its essence before the European colonial terror smashed all local cultures -it would simply crash. There would be almost nothing that would support its wings. The only way was to go forward, to clench the fists and fly over those enormous mountains of resistance taken here from abroad; to fly above all that bad inertia and saturated hopelessness.

The old BAE-146 and its pilots were like Bolivia, far from perfect. Errors have been made every month, every week, and every day. But the path has been correct and well defined. Now everything depended on their will, skills and guts. Full throttle, take off flaps and up we go, carambas! Dangerous? Yes it was dangerous, as anything worth living and fighting for always is.

“No matter what will happen to Evo”, said a young Argentinian philosopher whom I met on board a mini-van plying at neck-breaking speed between the border at Desaguadero and the Peruvian city of Puno, “Bolivia will never go back. It may stumble, slow down, but after what is happening here right now, return is not an option.”

But one day before that conversation, approaching the city of La Paz, I was thinking about the doctors I encountered in Cochabamba. People like them were on the frontline of the Bolivian ‘Process’. They were fighting for the country; they were pushing it forward. They were healing and simultaneously they were building trust and confidence, redefining the relationships in this profound and ancient part of the world. They were not saints and they did not claim to be – they were simply revolutionaries.

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