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Commentary: President Hu's Danish tour to usher in new era of bilateral ties (2)


15:28, June 14, 2012

During his stay in Denmark, the Chinese president is expected to meet with Danish Queen Margrethe II and hold talks with Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on bilateral ties and global issues of common concern.

The ministers accompanying Hu would also have meetings with their Danish counterparts, and sign a host of cooperation deals covering areas such as trade, investment, science and technology, energy and education.

These scheduled activities reflect the strong desire on both sides to bring bilateral ties to a new level.

Looking at a larger picture, the timing of the visit also underlines China's intention to cement relations with the European Union (EU) as a whole.

With over two weeks to go before Denmark handing over the EU rotating presidency it took since January, the visit will also be a perfect occasion for the Chinese leader and his Danish counterpart to exchange views on the most urgent issue facing the bloc -- the raging debt crisis.

As Beijing has repeatedly confirmed, China will continue to work together with European policymakers to deal with the European sovereign debt crisis and contribute to the overall health of the global economy.

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