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Chinese movies have a long way to go to attract audiences overseas (4)

(People's Daily Online)

08:46, June 14, 2012

In this survey, a surprising thing is that most foreign audiences chose "having no chance" to be the reason for they have never watched a Chinese movie. Of the interviewees, 63.7 percent believe that the Chinese movie needs to improve its "publication and issuance." Secondly, they also believe that the Chinese movie needs to improve its "story telling style."

In recent years, although foreigners could watch Chinese movies through such channels as the Internet, foreign audiences are still unfamiliar with Chinese movies due to their weak publication and issuance. In order make Chinese movies occupy overseas markets, maybe China needs to have its own global movie issuance network.

Currently, the most important thing is of course still the quality of the Chinese movie. Some scholars believe that the decline trend of the quality of the Chinese movie was similar to the decline trend of China's movie export in recent years. The special characters of Chinese movies are becoming weaker, and a lot of low-quality imitative movies made in China are filled in the market. One must be able to hold the ground before expanding the territory. If the Chinese movie wants to realize the goal of "Going Global," maybe the most important thing it should do now is to strengthen its internal power.

Read the Chinese version: 中国电影海外生存堪忧

Source:China Youth Daily, Author:Wu Xiaodong

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