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Chinese movies have a long way to go to attract audiences overseas (3)

(People's Daily Online)

08:46, June 14, 2012

According to a statistics in the Silver Book, more than one third of foreign audiences "almost know nothing about the Chinese movie, 32.3 percent of English audiences "have never watched a Chinese movie," and only 25.9 percent of foreign audiences choose the Chinese movie as the main channel for learning about the Chinese culture. One thing that has worried a lot of Chinese movie makers is that, most foreign interviewees' expression on the Chinese movie is still the "Kung Fu movie," and expect for Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou, Chinese actors and movie directors are not known and accepted much in foreign countries.

The "Kung Fu movie" is only a small part of the Chinese movie, but in overseas audiences' opinion, it represents China. Huang said that the fact that the "Kung Fu movie" has been popular in foreign countries for a long period actually reflects the transmission weakness of the Chinese movie in the world. To a great extent, the Chinese movie has a weak sense of international transmission, does not invest enough into its international transmission, and lacks a sophisticated overseas marketing network.

Regarding the "Going Global" of the Chinese movie, 295 Chinese movies participated in 82 movie festivals of 28 countries and regions in 2011, and 55 of them won 82 awards of 18 movie festivals. Although the number of the awards is large, the awards' practical effect is limited.

In Huang's opinion, China has turned into the second largest economy of the world, but the Chinese movie occupies only 4 percent of the global cultural market, making China face an asymmetric predicament between the economic miracle and cultural leanness. In order to get China out of this predicament, China's movie artists must absorb nutrition from the Chinese culture on the one hand, and strengthen the cross-regional cooperation in such areas as the movie packaging, publication and marketing on the other hand.

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