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State Council improves food safety (2)

By Jin Zhu  (China Daily)

08:38, June 14, 2012

The government should enhance supervision by setting up an efficient mechanism that covers all links in the food industry and a rigid food recall system for destroying defective products, the statement said.

The State Council has vowed a "vigous crackdown" on those who endanger food safety.

Meanwhile, policies, laws and regulations should be revised to increase costs for violators, according to the statement.

The country will intensify a series of food safety supervisions, including strengthening enterprises' accountability for their food products and streamlining current food quality testing standards .

The country will establish credit profiles for food enterprises, releasing quality information to the public in time, the statement said.

Also, the country will give prizes to people who expose substandard food products, it said.

China is facing increasing risks on food safety as some food enterprises have put too much emphasis on profits, negatively affecting sales, Pu Changcheng, deputy director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said at a news conference on Monday.

In 2011, several food safety scandals were exposed in the country, including restaurants serving food cooked with "gutter oil", illegal cooking oil recycled from kitchen waste and decomposed animal fat and organs from slaughterhouses.

In March, the State Food and Drug Administration asked McDonald's franchise restaurants in China to examine their food-processing procedures after a China Central Television program reported one branch of the fast-food chain selling expired products.

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