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Scalded youngster lands free treatment (2)

By Zhang Xiaomin (China Daily)

10:56, June 12, 2012

"There is also a Chinese saying, 'Helping others begets happiness'. I used to strive for a better life for myself and that was hard. Now, when I'm helping others, I find real happiness."

Khor knew Wang Han through a friend, Lao Zhang. Zhang and his friends raise funds for charity through the Internet. Their online group is called Hand on Love.

Zhang said group members donated more than 60,000 yuan to Wang Han.

When Zhang told Khor about the little girl, she contacted friends in the United States and received the offer of free treatment from the Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston. Khor's friends also helped find several Chinese families to accommodate Wang Han and her father Wang Qingle during their stay there.

Wang said since his daughter was scalded she has been surrounded by love.

Local residents in Dalian went to the hospital to support her. They donated money, brought daily necessities and helped by contacting specialist hospitals in Beijing.

When Khor told Wang Qingle the good news that an American hospital would treat Wang Han free, he was excited. But later, he began worrying about travel costs. For the poor family, the cost of air tickets to the US is huge.

Fortunately, someone working with the Dalian subsidiary of China Southern Airlines knew the situation and reported it to his headquarters. The company provided free round-trip tickets to Wang Han, her father and Khor.

"As a large State-owned enterprise, China Southern Airlines emphasizes social responsibility. We repay society with love. Taking advantage of our global resources, we have the ability to help Wang Han," said Luo Minghao, general manager of China Southern Airlines' Dalian subsidiary. He was at Dalian airport to see the three off.

On the flight from Dalian to Guangzhou, where they transferred to Los Angeles, flight crew and passengers donated 15,080 yuan to Wang Han.

"I feel sorry for the little girl. We happened to be on the same plane. I thought I should do something for her," said Bai Honggui, a passenger from Wenzhou in Zhejiang province who donated 2,000 yuan.

"I don't know the name of every person that helped Hanhan. But I won't forget that so many warm-hearted people let me see hope when I began to despair," said Wang Qingle.

Wang told China Daily he runs a small restaurant in his hometown. When they come back from the US, he will do his best to operate it well and earn more money for his daughter's treatment.

"I will never give up. When Hanhan grows older, I will tell her how she was helped by others and let her know that love and strong will is more important than appearance," he said.

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