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SCO gains more impetus (3)

(People's Daily Online)

09:38, June 09, 2012

The medium-term plan is of strategic importance to the SCO, which is about to move to a new stage and will encounter many specific problems concerning multilateral cooperation in its second decade. The organization will achieve maximum results with minimal effort, if it conducts advance planning, straighten out its priorities in various fields concerning multilateral cooperation, and introduce relevant policies.

In addition to cooperation in key areas such as security and economy, the SCO will also pay great attention to cultural and political cooperation. Non-governmental exchanges and cooperation in education, culture, sports, public health, tourism, and journalism will promote the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of the member states. The organization will enjoy greater international clout if its member states support each other in domestic and international issues, and establish closer relations with other countries and regional organizations.

It is the first time that the SCO has developed a master plan for fully promoting multilateral cooperation. The organization will introduce specific measures to implement the medium-term plan, which has irreplaceable guiding significance to multilateral cooperation and mechanism construction. The plan marks that the increasingly capable SCO, which enjoys great potential for development, is approaching maturity.

Read the Chinese version: 上合组织将有更强动力, source: People's Daily Overseas edition, author: Sun Zhuangzhi

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