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Emotional farewell to hero bus driver in E China (2)

By Wang Zhenghua (China Daily)

08:08, June 04, 2012

Wang's sister, Wang Limin, holds a photo of Wu and his wife. (Photo from China Daily)

Passengers at first did not realize anything was wrong, said Han Weichun who was seated near the back of the bus.

"We heard an almighty crash but thought it might be an accident involving other vehicles. Our bus pulled over gently before Wu turned around toward us, looking pale and sweating. He opened the door, told us to be careful and then went silent."

Passengers carried Wu to a more comfortable seat and called the police.

Families, friends and those saved by him arrived at his home in Hangzhou, to mourn their hero.

"I have been driving a car for more than 10 years and I know how difficult it is to stop a vehicle safely in great pain," said passenger Liu Shibing, who went to pay his respects at Wu's home.

"We admire him and are very grateful." If he had done anything differently, turned the wheel too far in one direction, or not managed to stop the bus, we would not be here, Liu said.

Chen Yibo, a work colleague, said Wu joined the company in 2003. Wu drove more than 1 million km in the past decade, or around 30 times the equator's circumference, without a single accident or complaint by passengers. Wu was a good father and husband, his relatives said.

Wu's wife, Wang Lizhen, said his last words to her were a simple goodbye on Tuesday morning.

"I know he did not want to leave me when he was injured in hospital," she said. "When he was unconscious, I touched his forehead and held his hand and he would react slightly and he seemed to want to talk to me."

The couple, married 18 years ago, were planning to buy a pair of rings. Local government leaders also visited the family on Saturday to pay their respects.

Industry professionals said that the metal debris might be part of a drum brake from a vehicle on the other side of the road.

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