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More graduates face struggle to find jobs (2)

By Zhang Hui (Global Times)

10:05, May 30, 2012

Wang does not believe students are being cautious or waiting for potentially better prospects, as most of his classmates had found jobs before the Spring Festival.

"We all know famous companies and banks usually recruit employees before the New Year, and there won't be too many good jobs left at this time," Wang said.

As for foreign students who graduate from Chinese universities, there are no official statistics. But according to Qiaobao, a Chinese newspaper in the US, most foreign students who want to stay in China find jobs as English teachers.

This may be because according to Chinese immigration law, foreigners should be over 25 and have worked for two years prior to being granted a work permit. Language schools will often employ younger people on other types of visa, although this is not legal.

Over 290,000 foreign students from 194 countries and regions studied in China in 2011, according to the China Association for International Education.

Zhang Yili, a job consultant from, a job recruitment website for new graduates, told the Global Times that college students have more choices in recent years as the economy is stable, and employers are facing challenges in recruiting new staff.

"More companies launched summer camps to attract interns and find future employees this year," Zhang said, adding he is optimistic about this year's employment market.

The employment rate of new Beijing graduates reached 95 percent for three consecutive years, top of the list among cities nationwide, according to the human resource and social security bureau's press release.

In order to guarantee the employment rate reaches to 95 percent this year, they will organize more job fairs next month.

"Don't worry, the goal of 95 percent is not hard to fulfill," the Beijing Daily quoted Lu Lin, the college students affairs department director of the human resource bureau as saying. He estimated the employment rate will reach 80 percent by July.

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