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China promotes world’s human rights cause (2)

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

17:13, May 29, 2012

Fourth, the Chinese government has given top priority to improving people’s living standards. The Chinese people have achieved two historic leaps from poverty to adequate clothing and food, and then to a fairly comfortable life since 1978. The country has lifted more than 200 million people out of poverty, met several United Nations Millennium Development Goals ahead of schedule, and made a positive contribution to poverty reduction worldwide.

Fifth, China has actively and steadily promoted political reforms, developed diverse forms of democracy, and constantly guaranteed and expanded citizens’ democratic rights. The country’s elections law stipulates that deputies to the People's Congresses will be elected based on the same population ratio in urban and rural areas, ensuring equal political rights for all. In order to protect citizens’ right to know and freedom of expression, China has taken a series of measures in recent years to promote transparency in government affairs. The Chinese media and netizens have actively participated in public policy discussions, and supervised and criticized government actions. Before adopting major laws and policies, both the central and local governments will hold hearings and publish the full text of the laws or polices to seek opinions and suggestions from various social groups. Most governmental agencies have published their e-mail address, telephone number, and other contact information on their websites, and solved a large number of problems reported by netizens. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Supreme People’s Court, and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate have all launched websites specifically for the public to report corruption and other crimes in a more convenient way.

Sixth, China takes strengthening human rights education as a new strategy for promoting the human rights cause. China has actively promoted human rights education since the 1990s in response to the call of the United Nations. In its first national human rights action plan, the country introduced a series of measures to further strengthen human rights education among public servants, leading cadres, and young students. More and more Chinese colleges and universities are offering courses on human rights and related laws, and a growing number of human rights institutions are carrying out in-depth human rights research and exchange events in the country.

China has taken a development path suitable to its own national conditions in the field of human rights, and greatly promoted the development of the international human rights cause with practical actions.

Read the Chinese version:中国推进世界人权事业发展

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