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Getting Z-visa hard task for young foreigners in China (2)

(China Daily)

10:38, May 28, 2012

Before he got the Z-visa, he used tourist and business visas, involving 11 applications starting in 2006.

John, a US citizen, chose Hong Kong for the renewal of his visa because the city is visa-free for citizens of most Western countries.

"There are many agencies that can help you to renew the visa," John said, adding that he usually chose the one that his music school recommended.

The agencies usually charged him 4,000 to 8,000 yuan ($640 to $1,280).

"The application process can be very tough You never know how long you will stay in Hong Kong", said Oliver, who arrived in Beijing in 2010 and has renewed his visa for four times. "If you get a bad agency, you have to stay in Hong Kong for a longer time."

But Oliver said he was lucky, because his boss in Beijing never blamed him for the time he spent on visa renewals. "My boss quite understands my situation. He usually gives me one day's leave to renew my visa, and they still pay me when I take some extra days," said Oliver.

Compared with John and Oliver, a Russian woman -Lisa Guetzkow - was quite unlucky.

With a tourist visa, she chose to go to Mongolia for renewal, even though the people in small border towns along the China-Mongolia border could not guarantee her safety.

Leaving aside the old and crowded Russian jeep she traveled in, which didn't even have a proper doorknob, she was "blackmailed" by the driver, who suddenly raised the price for the trip from 100 yuan to 180 yuan in the middle of her way back to China, according to a report on the Journal's website.

Beijing has begun a 100-day campaign targeting foreigners who commit crimes, overstay their visas or gain illegal employment, said the public security bureau in the municipality.

Beijing, second only to Shanghai in terms of the number of foreigners with residency permits, was home to almost 120,000 foreigners at the end of 2011.

The capital has reported 13,000 cases of illegal entry, overstaying and illegal employment concerning foreigners from more than 100 countries since 2008, according to exit-entry statistics.

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, will launch a similar campaign, Wang Lin, deputy director of the Chengdu exit and entry administration bureau, confirmed.

In spite of difficulties, 20-year-old Kanulya from Kazakhstan said she wants to stay in China. It is easy to live in China and make friends with Chinese people, she said. She has studied in Beihua University in Jilin province for four years and will stay in China if she can find a high-paying job.

"If you stay in China for a long time, you will find it more difficult to leave because no one in your home country could share your experiences in China," Kanulya said.

Still, she said she would recommend to her friends to work in China.

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