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Light at the end of the tunnel (2)

By Huang Yuli (China Daily)

09:25, May 25, 2012

"I know it is really hard for the blind to find a job, so the first service we provide here is massage training, since massage is still the main job for the visually impaired in China," Ye says. "We enroll and hire experienced workers from massage centers to teach them. The training and accommodation are all free."

Before he became a social worker, Ye applied for more than 100 jobs in four years after graduating from the social management department of the City College of Dongguan University of Technology in 2007.

Ye said he realized life would be difficult for him at an early age, which is why he tried so hard to get into college.

"I thought that if I have a college degree, at least I can find a job that needs middle school graduates."

But the discrimination he experienced as a job seeker broke his heart. He mentions the time he was given probationary employment as an assistant clerk at a traffic police station.

"On the first day I worked, but on the second day the chief told me I didn't need to come in," he recalls. "I felt terrible."

His failures made him stronger.

"I went to the labor market, put my resume online, went to the labor bureau, the civil affairs bureau, the disabled person's federation and the neighborhood community," he says. "It's such a big world, and I had to believe there was a job for me."

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