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Visualizing the future (3)

By Liu Wei  (China Daily)

09:17, May 25, 2012

Base FX's cooperation with local filmmakers started from the time the company was set up. Bremble's confidence comes from people he has met here, both filmmakers and visual artists.

He believes China has many great filmmakers. In 2005, when he was an independent director, who brought his film to China, a Chinese visual effects team stayed with him to complete the work, even though the company could hardly sustain itself.

"I see our domestic efforts as an investment in the future," Bremble says. "We like to be part of China's rapid growth in the film business and technology. People will be surprised at how fast this industry grows."

The company has worked on one or two Chinese films a year from 2007-11. But by the first half of 2012, more than 70 percent of its projects are Chinese. Four to five big Chinese releases are being lined up for 2013.

But working with Chinese filmmakers can be challenging. And the challenges are not always technical.

Chinese filmmakers often begin working on the visual effects after filming is complete. They regard it as part of the post-production work, or a solution to missing locations or talent scheduling issues.

"In the beginning lots of potential clients came in and said, this is the movie, you have two months. Of course they expect the quality they see on our showreel, which is obviously not possible in the given time, so we have to reject these projects," Heinze says.

"If you come at an early phase, we can discuss and make it precisely clear what the visual effects will be like. That saves a lot of money - money that can be used to create great effects."

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