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Sojourn touches the heart of a blind man (2)

By Xu Lin (China Daily)

09:13, May 25, 2012

Cao Shengkang met many warmhearted people, who helped him with daily needs during his trip.

Some of the difficulties faced during his sojourn were totally unexpected. For example, checking in and out of hotels, buying food, getting a visa and taking public transport.

"The key is to be brave and just ask people," he says.

He remembered the first time he had to buy food on his own. With no one to ask, Cao used his sense of smell to find a food stall. When he was asked to pay, he handed the vendor banknotes without knowing the amounts printed on the bills.

Language was another major barrier. He only spoke Chinese and knew only a few English words, so he had to use body language, which resulted in some hilarious incidents. He shared that there were a few occasions when he had to unbuckle his pants to signal that he was looking for a restroom!

Among the English words he used the most during his travels are "blind" and "China". He hoped someone who speaks Chinese would come to his aid. And, whenever he heard anyone speaking Chinese on the street, he would initiate conversation with that person.

He met some good Samaritans on the way. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, he got acquainted with a group of Chinese tourists, who brought him to a supermarket and treated him to dinner.

When he left for Bangkok, they gave him the phone number of a Thai woman who spoke Chinese, so that he could call if he needed translation.

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