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Reality behind documentary 'A Bite of China' (2)

By Cao Lin (China Youth Daily)

15:59, May 24, 2012

However, the fact that the "A Bite of China" in the documentary is so different from the "A Bite of China" in the news report really needs us to think profoundly. We cannot pretend to live in the warm and beautiful condition created by the documentary and cannot evade the reality that worries us. The governmental department in charge of the food safety issue especially must learn something from the documentary.

The delicacy makers in the documentary are all simple and honest old farmers, including a "shrimp sauce grandma" who has made the shrimp sauce for her life, a midnight lotus root digger, an old fisherman fishing on a frozen lake in the dawn and fishermen fishing on the vast sea. However, in reality, dirty and shameless people, like the bread makers who never eat the bread made by themselves, the merchants producing or using the hogwash oil in food and the hot pot restaurant owners who put various toxic additives into the hot pots, could be seen here and there. How did this differentiation and degradation appear and develop in the social system?

The sensation brought by the documentary to us will fade and be forgotten soon, but the other "A Bite of China," as a reality faced by us every single day, has to be seriously treated, carefully considered and properly solved by us.

Read the Chinese version: 无法回避另一个舌尖上的中国

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