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Green Development and Chinese Innovation (2)

(People's Daily Online)

13:25, May 24, 2012

Green development is a revolution. It is universally accepted that green revolution is the fourth industrial revolution. It consists of a series of fundamental production function and engenders a transition process that was featured by natural inputs to green inputs.

Green production function gradually dominates production and spreads over the entire society. The consequence of this process would be the separation of economic development and natural consumption. It lies in the process that combination of elements is greening and fundamental production elements are mutant. The heart of the goal of green revolution is to separate economic growth and carbon emission and accelerate the process of complete separation of economic growing and ecological capital.

Green development is a compound system. It consists of social system, economic system and natural system. It is a full-scale transition of the “society-economy-nature” system from “black” development to green development. The economic system turns from “black” growth to green growth. The natural system turns from ecological deficit to surplus. The social system turns from unfairness to fairness. And all lead to green growth, green wealth and green profit.

Green growth is the greening of the whole economic system and the increasing percentage of green economy. Growing green wealth means the complete separation of economic growth from the consumption of non-renewable energy resources and emission of pollutions, as well as to protect and feed back the environment, trade for ecological capital with physical and technical capital and increase green wealth. Green welfare means the safe, healthy and all-round development of individuals. The overall value of wealth of green development is to focus on green GDP instead of nominal GDP.

Green GDP enables us not only to calculate the “invisible” natural loss (loss of natural capital and loss from natural disaster), but also to utilize the “visible” physical capital and human resources to increase the amount of natural capital and turn the environment from ecological deficit to surplus, and such is the essence of the road of green development.

The process of green development is a circle. It comprises the slowly expanding period, the rapidly expanding period, the shrinking period of ecological deficit and the ecological surplus period. There will be a peak point of ecological deficit between the rapidly expanding period and shrinking period. And green development makes the peak show at an earlier time Kuznets curve tunneling black development and tunneling effect possible. Green concept innovation, green technical innovation and green regime innovation are three parts of green innovation through which China could enter a period of generally ecological deficit around 2020.

Green development is systematic. It requires big effort to blossom green industry, establish green production systems, enhance green technique, establish green criterion, inspire green consumption, green investment and green credit, develop green energy resources, formulate green eco-system, implement green revolution and policy, and take lead in green trade and promotion of green international cooperation.

In summary, China is to lead the tide of green economic development and become the leading country in green energy resources and low-carbon industry. China will open up the largest-scale ecological establishment and will be a country with blue, green and clean sky, lake and mountain. Green development is the road of necessity to the realization of green modernization in future China.

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