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Beautiful views of the 24 solar terms (3)

(People's Daily Online)

08:57, May 24, 2012

Insects Awaken

Edited and translated by Xue Meng, People's Daily Online

Insects Awaken

In Chinese, the third solar term in spring is called Jing Zhe, which means that insects are awaken from winter sleep by the sound of thunder. It happens when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 345 degrees on March 5 or March 6. After this day, thunders begin to appear all over China and the sound awakens all kinds of hibernating insects hiding in the soil. As contemporary scientific research shows, what really makes the insects awaken is the increasing temperature of the soil. In Chinese ancient poems, “Insects Awaken” was often described with views of peach blooming, yellow warblers tweeting and swallows flying. It is the time for spring farming in most of the places in China.

Traditional Customs
There are two tradition customs spread among the folk. The first one is to hold sacrifice ceremony for the white tiger in order to defuse dispute. In China’s folk legend, the white tiger is the god for dispute. Every year at this time, it comes out to find food and eat people alive. If someone violates the white tiger, he or she will encounter villains in life stirring up troubles. To hold a ceremony for the white tiger can bless the person with good luck and in ancient times, people used handmade paper white tiger to represent the real one. The second custom is to “beat the villain” and drive way the bad luck. This is done by using wormwood or special materials to drive out all the insects, rates and snakes hiding in the corner of people’s houses and people believe that by doing so, they are “beating the prolife of the villains.”

Healthy Living Tips
When “Insects Awaken” arrives, the Yang Qi in human’s body is increasing and the Yin Qi is relatively weak. It’s the best time to eat food which may help peace down the five internal organs especially liver and spleen. It’s better to eat food with more vegetable protein rather than those with adipose. Healthy food include duck blood, spinach, aloes, summer radish, balsam pear, Malabar spinach, celery, rape, Chinese yam, lotus seed and tremella. According to medical research, this period is also a peak season for symptoms such as livers diseases, flu, chicken pox, herpes zoster and special attentions must be paid to prevent these illness.

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