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Beautiful views of the 24 solar terms (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:57, May 24, 2012

The Rains

Edited and translated by Xue Meng, People's Daily Online

The Rains

When the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 330 degrees, the solar term of “The Rains” arrives. “The Rains” indicates that as the weather gets warmer, the amount of rainfall increases, at the same time the form of precipitation transforms from snowfall to rainfall. It usually happens on February 18 or February 19 and ends on March 4 or March 5. When passing the day of “The Rains”, the weather sometimes can be unpredictable for a few days. One minute, it rains and another minute, it shines. When the season comes, the otter starts fishing, the wild goose flies back to north from south and grass and trees start to sprout. No matter what, rain is the most important element in this solar term. Just like the Chinese farmers often say, “Spring rain is as precious as oil”, meaning raining is a sign that crops will soon grow faster.

Traditional Customs
In old times, married daughter should go home and visit her parents on this day. Woman who already has children should bring presents such as canned meat, chairs to home to show their filial piety. Pregnant woman should wear a pair of red trousers sewn by her mother, which was to bless her baby being delivered healthy. Young girl should find a god father which can help her grow safely and healthily. Nowadays, this custom is still quite popular in some of the countryside in China.

Healthy Living Tips
As the rainfall increases, dampness invades the spleen. It’s very important to protect the spleen during this period by eating foods that would help to dispel wind and eliminate dampness inside one’s body. Honey, dates, Chinese yam, tremella are all very good nourishment. On the other hand, raining often causes anxiety and people with high blood pressure, heart attack and asthma need to pay special attention to their health conditions.

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