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Scent of success (4)

(China Daily)

09:23, May 23, 2012

On an average, each year may yield a total harvest of 200 metric tons of fresh petals, most of which are processed immediately into rose jam. This is then sent to food producers in Kunming.

Many visitors make the excursion to Bajie to visit the rose plantations when the blooms are at their best.

In spring and summer, the air is refreshingly perfumed, and the eyes are rested by the sight of rows of roses, each studded with little gems of deep, dark red.

They can also stop by the pastry factories, where the petals are carefully washed, dried and preserved in sugar to make rose jam, or processed into rose syrup and many other products including rose water, moisturizers and bath salts.

However, the most popular souvenir from Bajie must be the freshly baked rose pastries, the famous fresh flower puffs that are now sold as a Kunming souvenir.

At a little factory that is yet meticulously clean, we saw how the petals were made into jam, weighed in and then covered in flaky pastry.

These little pies were then baked, cooled and packed into individual bags.

Our first bite produced appreciative sighs. The pastry was incredibly light and the filling of rose jam was just sweet enough without being too cloying. Bottles of rose syrup are also available for sale, and they make refreshing drinks.

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