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Anger without losing sense a sign of maturity (2)

By Guo Zhenhai (China Youth Daily)

08:04, May 17, 2012

Getting angry is a primitive instinct of all people and whoever watches the video will get angry and denounce the act whether they are Chinese or British.

Netizens can denounce the British drunkard but they should not say no to all Britons because any country has both good people and bad apples. The fact that many people have taken this man’s behavior as a foreigner bullying Chinese only reflects an extremely abnormal, narrow and irrational sense of nationalism.

Anger without losing your mind is a sign of maturity and is also the demeanor citizens of a country should have.

In an age of economic globalization, national mentality and quality can be considered the software of the country and they are also important carriers to demonstrate national potential and overall image, and can even decide a country’s future national value.

The demeanor of a country can reflect its economy and military affairs, and its national awareness and quality can also decide its political image and national value.

In an age of globalization, with the economic, trade and personnel exchanges between countries becoming increasingly frequent, the entire world has become a village with foreigners coming to China and Chinese people going abroad.

Therefore, some "bad apples" will inevitably flow into another country. No matter where they come from, they should unconditionally respect the laws of a country and be punished if they break it. People should treat them with equality if they do not intentionally challenge the dignity of a country and should not always use irrational nationalism to explain disputes and problems.

After all, national pride and a lack of national self-confidence are the pros and cons and people should abandon extreme thoughts and express their anger without losing their minds, which is a demeanor of a mature country.

Read the Chinese version at:愤怒而不失理性才是成熟的国民

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