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China should quicken application of supercomputers (3)

(People's Daily)

16:18, May 15, 2012

Compared with the computing speed and performance, the application of the supercomputers obviously lags far behind. It is reasonable that someone describes the application of China's supercomputers as "tractors on the highway."

The application of supercomputers is faced with a lack of talents, software lag and poor developing environment.

Experts pointed out that the application of supercomputers has become one of the prerequisite skills for some employees in the United States, Japan and advanced European countries. In the United States, such things as "how to design the packaging of potato chips to protect the integrity of potato chips as far as possible" also use the supercomputer to simulate calculation. The experts appeal to the governments, enterprises, supercomputer centers and universities to join hands, achieving the maximum of application of China's supercomputers as soon as possible.

Read the Chinese version: 超级计算机应用须提速——“高速公路莫跑拖拉机”

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