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China's first deep-water drilling platform --- CNOOC 981 (3)

(Science and Technology Daily)

08:16, May 15, 2012

Designed capacity can resist super typhoon occurring once every 200 years

Of various "tops of world" of the CNOOC 981 many designs were made for specific conditions of the South China Sea. For example, the overall strength and stability of the platform was tested by parameters of resisting the typhoon occurring once every 200 years, which is equal to the typhoon of 17th grade, much higher than the standard set by the International Association of Classification Societies. For another example, in order to resist the harsh marine conditions of the South China Sea, the platform has adopted the globally solidest R5-level marine project mooring chain, 16 percent higher than that of the R4-level. In the test, the platform met typhoon higher than 15th grade twice, but the moored platform was as steady as a rock and did not move even a little bit. In this aspect, the R5 mooring chain plays the key role.

The blowout preventers can prevent disasters like the oil leakage accident of the Gulf of Mexico.

The CNOOC 981 is also the first platform that has adopted an intrinsic-safety underwater blowout prevention system. It means when the electric and hydraulic signals are lost, the wellhead controlled by the underwater power accumulator could still close up automatically. In this way, disasters like the oil leakage accident of the Gulf of Mexico could be effectively prevented.

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