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Matters of concern when applying for a Chinese visa (2)

(People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:20, May 09, 2012

Notice the type of visas to avoid illegal stay

Among the categories of Chinese visas, there are several special visas including work visa (Z), study visa (X), residence visa (D) and permanent reporter visa (J-1). These visas are issued to the foreigners who plan to live, work and study in China for a long time. Different from the short-term tourist visa (L) and visitor's visa (F), these visas do not contain exact date of stay but "000" days. Some foreigners mistakenly thought that the "000" stands for an indefinite stay and did not apply for residence permit on time and encountered trouble when they left China. Therefore, we must remind foreigners who come to China for studying or working that they must apply for the residence permit in local public security authorities within 30 days upon arrival to avoid illegal residence.

In addition, foreign guests are also suggested to make plans as early as possible, prepare a valid passport and allow sufficient time to apply for Chinese visas. Meanwhile, they should check their personal information including name, gender, date of birth, passport number, period of validity of the visa, number of entries and the duration of stay. Once they find non-corresponding passport information or arrangements, they should consult the Chinese embassies abroad immediately and make relevant changes to make sure they have a pleasant journey in China.

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