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Academia: United States igniting the Conflict between Philippines and China (12)

By Ander Vltchek  (People's Daily Online)

11:33, May 08, 2012

Clark Airport (People's Daily Online/Ander Vltchek)

I slow down and watch the paratroopers. Then I drive on the perfect (Japanese built) surface of the highway, thinking 'for how many years and decades will the victims be willing to forge alliances with their victimizers?' Is this country suffering from what the psychologists call the Stockholm syndrome? Or is it simply that the mind and body of the elites is always for sale?

I recall the words of Prof Simbulan: "Spaniards never allowed Chinese merchants to enter the city…"

Some things never change.

But then Prof Simbulan concluded: "No matter what the propaganda says, people here are beginning to realize that China is a tremendous power. Some are now thinking that China’s economic might could be put to good use. As an Asian country, China is now seen by many as a counter-force to the West."

ANDRE VLTCHEK ( – a novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He lives and works in East Asia and Africa. His latest book – Oceania – describes Western neo-colonialism in Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.

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