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Academia: United States igniting the Conflict between Philippines and China (11)

By Ander Vltchek  (People's Daily Online)

11:33, May 08, 2012

Manila press (People's Daily Online/Ander Vltchek)

As I was merrily breaking the speed limit on a newly built highway connecting Subic and former Clark Air Base (now 'Clark Freeport Zone'), I suddenly spotted two humongous Hercules planes above my roof, overflying my car at an unbelievably low altitude. I was going just over 160km/h and they wereflying not much faster.

A minute later the back of the plane opens and human bodies begin dropping to the open air. These are paratroopers, obviously; those guys and girls that I spotted and managed to photograph in the morning.

The country that occupied this land for decades, performed several massacres like those in Balangiga in 1901, is now back in the driving seat. Or more precisely, it never left one. Now it is conducting military exercises all over the archipelago, docking nuclear battleships and submarines and sending aircraft carriers.

The country, which, together with its European allies invaded dozens of peaceful nations and murdered tens of millions of people directly or indirectly, is now 'concerned about the rise of China' which never invaded anybody except North Vietnam in one short conflict.

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