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Academia: United States igniting the Conflict between Philippines and China (10)

By Ander Vltchek  (People's Daily Online)

11:33, May 08, 2012

US Airforce 2 (People's Daily Online/Ander Vltchek)

"Chinese merchants came here long before these islands were colonized by Europeans", recalled Professor Simbulan. "They never arrived as conquerors and they soon became highly respected for their skills and hard work. Many Chinese Philippinos joined the revolutionary struggle against Spain."

"Of course even here there were some racial tensions", explained Professor Eduard Tadem. "Several pogroms against the Chinese people took place in the past, but they were not spontaneous, instead organized by the Spaniards."

"There has always been a notion in the Middle Kingdom that this area is part of China's sphere of influence", clarified Professor Teresa Tadem. "But China never came here as a colonizer."

For many centuries and without any military goal, Chinese ships had been sailing to both Africa and Oceania. They came in peace, to establish contacts and to trade. But like Philippines now, these parts of the world are now under increasing pressure from the West to view China as their foe and to preposterously seek confrontation with it.

John Glaser wrote on 26 April 2012 in his article "Philippines-China Standoff Could Lead To Open Conflict":

Meanwhile, the U.S. has its own ridiculous claims to the territorial waters of the South China Sea. Washington holds that it can patrol China's two-hundred-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) with naval warships without China’s permission, an opinion China disagrees with. Of course, the U.S. would certainly object to Chinese naval vessels patrolling the western seaboard along Californian shores. But such rules are only considered to apply to states other than America.

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