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Academia: United States igniting the Conflict between Philippines and China (8)

By Ander Vltchek  (People's Daily Online)

11:33, May 08, 2012

Chinese Cemetery in Manila (People's Daily Online/Ander Vltchek)

I ask her about China and she replies without hesitation:

"The propaganda against China is powerful; it is vicious. And it is brought from the outside. For instance, when China was going to invest in agricultural projects in Mindanao, brainwashed peasants there protested: 'Over our dead bodies!' But when the US is building more and more military bases here – almost nobody is protesting!"

Brutally colonized by both Spain and the United States, Philippines is the country where colonialism and neo- colonialism managed to create an extremely complex web of dependencies and dubious alliances. It is becoming certain that even the local armed forces are trained to defend foreign interests, instead of interests of their own people and the region.

"China has stronger claim than Philippines", explains Professor EduardoC. Tadem, Professor of Asian Studiesat University of Philippines (UP). "China controlled the Spratly Islands before we even knew anything about them. The only claim we have is the proximity and frankly, that is not a particularly strong claim."

Both Eduard Tadem and his wife TeresaS. Encarnation Tadem, Professor at Department of Political Science College of Science and Philosophy at University of the Philippines (also the former head of the 'Third World Studies' at UP) agree that the West is now provoking China while trying to secure that the natural resources from Spratly Islands would go to the weakest players:

"We are totally dependent on the foreign companies for exploitation of our natural resources. Philippines only getsa share from what is extracted. The international companies hold all major contracts. Foreign multi- nationals would greatly profit from the natural resources of the China Sea, if the weak and dependent country like this one would be put in charge of them."

Naturally, such analyses are being kept behind the walls of the universities. Only a small number of progressive publications and organizations dares to examinethe true reasons behind the Western support for the claims of Philippines (and Vietnam) over the islands.

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