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Barossa's chameleon Shiraz (3)

By Han Bingbin (China Daily)

09:50, May 08, 2012

A dense texture with ripe tannins and well-integrated oak combined for an elegant taste of spice. Its rich taste of fruit and long, persistent finish illuminated the texture of the venison that was itself cooked with red wine and chocolate sauce.

The shiraz itself can also be a perfect match with chocolate. The other night, at Auge, an Italian restaurant in Adelaide, the Moorooroo Park Silentium Sparkling Shiraz 2006 was an elegantly foaming big purple shiraz with a fine bead. It has intense cherry and plum flavors under a strong bouquet of spice.

We had so many admirable dishes that night, including pasta infused with squid ink and Berkshire pig belly, but the wine didn't shine until it met the white chocolate mousse.

When the spicy and mouth-puckering wine embraced the creamy sweet mousse, it was like a hard-hitting strong man meeting a fair lady who had instantly melted his heart. That's what we call a "predestined pairing".

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