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Barossa's chameleon Shiraz (2)

By Han Bingbin (China Daily)

09:50, May 08, 2012

For example, when the Tasting Australia media group visited the Chateau Tanunda, which won the world's best syrah and shiraz in the 2010 International Wine and Spirits Competition, the three different types of shiraz we were offered vividly reflected the different terroirs they were grown in.

The shiraz of Lyndoch, grown in the brown earth and red clay of southern Barossa, is full of soft and dark cherry fruit, while the Ebenezer District's shiraz has lifted aromas of lavender and a palate full of red fruits, leather and definitely more tannins, thanks to the sandy loam and gray clay. Shiraz grown at Greenock's heavy brown earth and red ironstone tastes of rich plum and licorice, with a longer persistent finish.

The best thing about Barossa shiraz's diverse tastes is that they can be paired with equally diverse foods. Wherever we go, local people have always surprised us with a creative combination of shiraz and different dishes.

For example, on a cool and breezy morning, we had a colorful breakfast at the Rockford Winery that featured some of the winery's proudest organic produce, such as four leaf oats with dried fruit and pomegranate syrup and a thick mixture of smoked salmon caviar and brioche.

What closely followed was Rockford's most-loved easy-drinking sparkling black shiraz, with a refreshing sweetness and brisk cherry fragrance that lightened up the milky rich breakfast.

Then during a dinner at the Jacob's Creek visitor center at Barossa, we had this much more complex Jacob's Creek St Hugo Barossa Shiraz 2008 that offered a powerful bouquet of chocolate and plum.

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