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Act of bravery spurs act of kindness (2)

By An Baijie,Shi Baoyin (China Daily)

09:28, May 08, 2012

YTO was touched by the Australian's gesture. .

"We're so moved by Bowers' kind heart. He is a foreigner and had no connection with Li Guoxi," Chen Lin said. "We are glad that our company could be part of this 'kind heart relay' and help the wife of the late hero."

Bowers said two of his American colleagues in Beijing, Heather and David Coop, donated 1,500 yuan to the family. With 500 yuan of the money, he bought a quilt, a coat, a pair of shoes, and some apples. The remaining 1,000 yuan was directly given to Chen Guihua.

Chen Guihua said she was surprised that her husband's bravery was known to foreign people and she was thankful for their kindness.

"Helping others is the traditional virtue of our country, and I am proud that my husband died a heroic death," She said. "Thanks for this kind-hearted Australian person."

Li Junwei, 30, the family's younger son who worked on their 0.8 hectare of farmland, said the tractor will make the work more efficient.

He has taken Bowers' suggestion to help his neighbors with the tractor, too, saying that his father's brave deed will encourage him to help the others.

Hu Jinshan, director of the Suiping county publicity department, said that Bowers' donation had greatly impressed him.

"David Bowers is a foreign Lei Feng (a Chinese moral model) who is serving the people wholeheartedly," he said. "Love is a universal value that transcends borders and races."

Zhang Leilong, Jiao Hongchang and Ma Shouguo in Zhengzhou contributed to this story.

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