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Increasing vulgarity in Internet video sector deserves attention (2)

By Guo Guochang (People's Daily)

08:38, May 08, 2012

Overall, the current pan-entertained online videos are characterized by three aspects. First, extreme vulgarization and some vulgar elements including violence and pornography become common. Second, the theme of online videos is too narrow, showing a widespread hedonistic tendency. Third, the manufacturing process of online videos is largely identical and the online videos of the same type become homogeneous. In order to cater to audience, the actors of home-made dramas and even the hosts of video news perform in a way of vulgar, funny and joking. The online videos of different types originally can co-exist but now become homogenous and pan-entertained because they include many vulgar elements such as violence and pornography.

Supervision and guidance should be carried out simultaneously

The most fundamental reason why the online videos became violent and pornographic in the initial stage is that it lacks an effective monitoring mechanism. Therefore, the video websites and web portals must be investigated and supervised about their qualification, content and copyright. The supervision departments should intervene in the online video industry and establish corresponding censorship to ensure a sound development of online video industry. A series of standards should also be established to investigate the online video industry.

Meanwhile, it is also essential to actively guide the mainstream values. As the producer of online videos, the video websites and web portals should realize that online videos are not just an industrial product and can bring relaxation and enjoyment but also are a spiritual product and can encourage people's spirit. Only in this way, the online videos can get a sound development.

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