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A celebration of all the tea in China (3)

By Chen Ye (Shanghai Daily)

09:22, May 07, 2012

Surging prices

However in the past few decades, people have focused more on the price of fresh tea and what type of tea will become the next King of Tea, Tie Guanyin (a variety of Oolong tea), Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Tea or Pu-erh.

Reports on this year's harvest show that the prime Dragon Well Tea from West Lake costs 180,000 yuan (US$28,567) for 500 grams. Some say the price is ridiculous, affordable only by wealthy connoisseurs or those presenting gifts to officials.

Still, just as some people believe fine red wine is part of French culture, so tea represents Chinese culture and the latest West Lake Dragon Well is considered the near equivalent of Chateau Lafite.

China has six kinds of teas:

Green tea, black tea, dark tea, Oolong tea, yellow tea and white tea. Here are 10 of China's best teas

West Lake Dragon Well Tea (Longjing Tea)

Price: 350 yuan/100g

Type: Green tea

Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea (Maofeng Tea)

Price: 100 yuan/100g

Type: Green tea

Tie Guanyin Tea

Price: 50-80 yuan/100g

Type: Oolong tea

Dongting Biluochun Tea

Price: 158 yuan/100g

Type: Green tea

Xinyang Maojian Tea

Price: 20 yuan/100g

Type: Green tea

Keemun Tea

Price: 66 yuan/100g

Type: Black tea

Da Hong Pao

Price: 75 yuan/100g

Type: Oolong tea

Lu'an Guapian Tea

Price: 98 yuan/100g

Type: Green tea

Taiping Houkui Tea

Price: 400-600 yuan/100g

Type: Green tea

Junshan Yinzhen Tea

Price: 50-130 yuan/100g

Type: Yellow tea

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