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Tainted capsules, tarnished image (3)

By Shen Lili (Global Times)

09:08, May 07, 2012

Legal intervention

Legal professionals agree that laws and regulations must be adjusted, making celebrities liable for endorsing questionable products.

"If the medicine advertisement was confirmed for having faulty content, the endorser should be jointly liable for the irregularity," said Wang Ying, an attorney in Beijing. "But currently, China's laws have no limitations against using celebrities to advertise medical products," she told the Global Times.

In some Western countries, stars take liability for the products they advertise. In the US, celebrities usually refuse to advertise for medicines as the risk is too high. If the medicine is found to have health problems, the endorser will be sued along with the pharmaceutical business. Some countries strictly control the broadcast of such advertisements. In the Netherlands and Thailand, it is rare to see medicine advertisements in TV program, newspaper or magazine, as only a few commonly used medicines for colds can be advertised.

"If our laws were also strict, stars would be more likely to reject money from the endorsements, after weighing possible liability issues," said Wang.

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