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Acting out (2)

By Jiang Yuxia (Global Times)

09:05, May 07, 2012

This year the festival has received generous backing from the district government in the form of 2 million yuan ($317,200), which has allowed them to go all out. The shows include plays, mimes, traditional Chinese operas and dances and will run until the end of June. There are 11 theater venues taking part including Penghao, Beijing People's Art Theater and the Beijing National Pioneer Theater.

Wang started the festival in 2010, just two years after he founded the tiny courtyard theater of Penghao and aims to reach all audiences young and old.

"Theater is the most remarkable achievement that human beings have made through their understanding of the world. It is an art about people," said Wang. "What theater conveys is the power of art and the beauty of human nature."

Aside from inspired plays and performances, script reading sessions, theatrical workshops and talks from international dramatists will be going on over the next month and a half.

"While going through the plays in the initial stages, I had to look at the literature, aesthetics, values and rationale behind them," said Wang.

In addition to the invited entries, the festival committee has received about 60 plays written by young playwrights. Around 12 of these were selected for the festival.

"In order to achieve commercial success, a lot of plays tend to be vulgar and just amuse the audience with cheap jokes. We have to narrow those down," added Wang.

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