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UN observers tour suburbs of Syrian capital (2)


08:38, May 07, 2012

Head of the rebels Free Syrian Army breakaway Col. Riadh Asa'ad reportedly said that Annan's plan is doomed to failure, accusing the regime of staging attacks to frame the rebels.

However, media reports claimed that jihadists from Libya have infiltrated Syria coming from Lebanon and Jordan and they have carried out several attacks against the government troops. Some of them were reported to have been killed in Syria and their names had appeared in some jihadists websites.

The U.S. State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, expressed the U.S. concern that some terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaida, seek to exploit the situation in Syria, stressing the need for implementing the UN envoy Kofi Annan's plan to halt the violence.

Answering a question at a press briefing in Washington last Wednesday on whether the U.S. is worried that the Syrian opposition has taken up the form of al-Qaida attacks the likes of the latest terrorist bombings in Damascus, Idlib and Aleppo, Toner said that the U.S. is concerned that a terrorist group which is al- Qaida mostly seeks to take advantage of such cases.

He called for abiding by Annan's plan for realizing a real halt of violence.

Meanwhile, Asa'ad said the failure of Annan's plan would positively reflect on the help some countries might for the rebels "as their stances have progressed regarding arming the Free Syrian Army."

Asa'ad questioned the prospect of Annan's plan amid "ongoing detentions and murders in all Syrian cities." he said the UN observers "have turned to perjurers."

Some countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar have explicitly announced their will to arm the opposition in order to drive out the Assad regime by force.

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