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Have you felt anxious recently? (2)

By Wang Chuantao (China Youth Daily)

13:33, May 04, 2012

Before people are accustomed to life in a small city and the tempo of life there, the city has become an international metropolis. The urban construction and social development have abandoned and ignored the adaptability of people.

What is more, social development will not stop so that people can adapt to it. The cities are still in demolition and construction, the vehicles are still in congestion and the working and life pressure are still unable to relieve.

Anxiety is everywhere, which is a real social emotion.

We often see in movies that Westerners like wearing earphone to jog, like party at home and like drink in the bar. However, there are very few pleasant scenes in Chinese movies. More movies such as "Lost on Journey" and "The Unfortunate Car" describe embarrassed Chinese people.

Some psychologist said that anxiety is a deadly spiritual pain in modern society. Therefore, it is a social mission to refuse trouble and cast off anxiety.

There are two ways to reduce the trouble index of Chinese people.

First, people should learn to reduce pressure, entertain and regulate their moods and emotions. Second, the government should improve the welfare system, ease social pressure and manage various "urban diseases." Only less trouble and more happiness can the personal dignity be better protected.

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