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Do not let kids addicted to iPhone, iPad games(2)

By Yuan Hao (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

09:37, May 04, 2012

The researchers of Duke University had tracked a group of families for consecutive five years and found that the reading and computing power of children will decline if they use the computers.

Japan has developed digital technology and its IT industry also endeavors to promote the electronization of education, but people of educational world are firmly opposed to this.

Education experts said that over-reliance on the high-tech electronic products will lead to degradation of the desire of active learning.

Parents should introspect about the fact that more than half of children play iPhone and iPad games. The family education is not only about teaching knowledge but should involve in the emotional education.

If we really love our kids, we should not send too much energy to provide such high-tech material wealth as the iPhone and iPad, instead, we ought to free up more time to care and understand our children and communicate with them.

For example, let children get closer to the nature, interact with them, encourage them to play games with others and let them constantly acquire knowledge, gain experience and get all-round development through interaction with others and nature. This might be the most important thing.

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