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Israeli army to beef up Egyptian, Syrian borders with reservists (2)


09:36, May 03, 2012

"We won't have a choice but to change the law and enlist more reservists for active duty. It's already an operational necessity in light of recent events," a senior military source said last August in the aftermath of an attack carried out by Gaza militants near the Red Sea resort city of Eilat in which six Israeli civilians and two soldiers were killed.

"Due to situation assessments, a number of battalions were called up for reserve service for the second time within three years. The move was legally approved by the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee," the military said in a statement.

In discussions that preceded the army's decision, the question was whether to shift regular conscripts doing their mandatory three-year service from training to deploy along the border, or to call up reservists for a second time.

So far, only six battalions have received notice, mainly due to financial considerations. Calling up a battalion costs hundreds of thousands of shekels, according to the report.

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