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Foreign airlines optimistic about Chinese market (2)

By Zhao Shan and Li Yining (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:16, May 03, 2012

Since May 9, Finnair will open the Chongqing-Helsinki airline, which will be the first direct flight from Chongqing to the Europe and also the first direct flight in western China. After the opening of the airline, there will be four flights per week at the beginning and about 100,000 international passengers every year.

At the end of 2011, Korean Air has opened 30 airlines in 23 cities of China. Korean Air has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hubei province to appropriately increase the frequency of flights, establishing the Seoul-Wuhan direct flight the best hub for Korean passengers visiting China.

Chinese passengers will enjoy special services

All of the foreign airlines have different orientation and special services when they enter the Chinese market. In order to provide a better service for Chinese passengers, South African Airlines arranged at least one Chinese flight attendant on the Beijing-to-Johannesburg direct flight. The Chinese flight attendants also are arranged in every direct flight from Beijing to Zurich by Swiss Air.

All Nippon Airways in Japan constantly improves its web pages in Chinese so that Chinese passengers can book flights online. In Japan, All Nippon Airways allocated Chinese-speaking staff at the airport counters and all the road signs and fingerposts have a Chinese version. The official micro-blog of All Nippon Airways often provides a variety of free opportunities to visit Japan.

All the flights of Singapore Airlines from China have a personal entertainment system called "KrisWorld" at each seat and provide Chinese operation guide. Passengers can watch television, play games and listen to music. Chinese flight attendants are allocated in all of the flights to and from China in order to better service for Chinese passengers. Other flight attendants can talk with passengers in Chinese. Singapore Airlines also often launch promotions for the Chinese market.

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