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No answers from Pakistan (3)

(China Daily)

13:16, May 02, 2012

Most of the rubble has been hauled away from the site, on which local children now play cricket. Farmers cross over it on their way to the fields, and on a recent day older boys were smashing away at bits of masonry, trying to extract the metal poles inside so they could sell them.

After the helicopter-borne operation, the country's generals retaliated by kicking out US special forces trainers operating close to the Afghan border, cutting intelligence cooperation with the CIA and restricting the travel of foreign diplomats and aid workers.

Authorities arrested a Pakistani doctor who assisted America in tracking down bin Laden. The doctor remains in detention, facing possible treason charges. The country has made not made public the arrests of anyone connected bin Laden's time on the run.

Relations had barely recovered when in November US airstrikes inadvertently killed 24 Pakistani troops along the Afghan border. Pakistan immediately blocked US and NATO supply routes across its soil into Afghanistan. They remain shut, despite US attempts to renegotiate a new deal with Pakistan.

Despite reservations about Pakistan's commitment to US goals in Afghanistan and doubts over how bin Laden managed to evade capture for so long, the Obama administration feels it has little choice but to ally itself with the country. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and will remain important in the fight against al-Qaida in years to come.

Many believe Islamabad's cooperation will be essential for getting any Afghan peace deal to stick, allowing the US to withdraw troops.

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