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Teen commits suicide over dress code (2)


14:08, April 30, 2012

The story of Ying Ying's suicide prompted some netizens to complain about a lack of "life education" in Chinese schools, referring to programs that build up teenagers' resilience to adversity and give them the strength to get through situations that challenge or frustrate them.

Sun Yunxiao, an expert on adolescent issues, said on his blog that respecting life is "the core of life education."

"It is vital to help children or juveniles cultivate the competency to face difficulties and frustrations," Sun wrote.

Xia Xueluan, a sociology professor at Peking University, said the girl's suicide reflects poor judgment on the part of some young people, adding that since they wrongly believe that their lives belong to them, they are free to give up their lives as they wish.

"We should teach them to value their lives. It is irresponsible to commit suicide," Xia said.

Life education currently exists as a mere formality in China, taking the form of simple lectures and slogans, said Xiong Bingqi, deputy director of the 21st Century Education Research Institute.

A netizen using the screenname "fenglinhuoshan1223" wrote on, a Chinese Internet portal, that it is good to see people have begun to reexamine China's exam-oriented education program, paying more attention to the cultivation of healthy individual character.

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