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Live a future life now (3)

By Shen Lili (Global Times)

08:59, April 28, 2012

Cook well, live well

Do others lament you do not keep a proper kitchen because the refrigerator is always a mess? Take-out boxes piling up? The electronic housekeeper will help you realize you were not born without a gift, you just need your talents nurtured.

An LCD panel sits on the outside of this snazzy fridge. When you touch the panel, it will show you everything inside and how fresh each item is. If, say, you bought yogurt and forgot about it and that item shows up as red, better toss it as red means the expiry date has passed.

Have a yellow cabbage is on the yellow list? That means you should eat it as soon as possible or it will soon be switched to red. Wouldn't it be pleasant to see all of your items show up as "green" and fresh? A lot more simple a task if a machine keeps track of dates of purchase and expiry!

Keeping things in order is just the beginning though before you can claim the title of "master of the kitchen." To cook some dishes would probably be required. The trusty LCD screen that keeps track of how fresh your items are also acts as an advising cookbook. From your inventory, create a masterpiece! And the best part is this machine will not become impatient as would a person if you don't catch onto the cooking trade right away.

The LCD screen can also be hooked up to the television which will search for which cooking channel best suits what's available.

Perhaps an automated world won't be so bad!

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