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Live a future life now (2)

By Shen Lili (Global Times)

08:59, April 28, 2012

Light up your sleepy way

Have you ever had the following experience? You suddenly wake up from a sound sleep at midnight, as you need to go to the bathroom desperately. But in the dark, you cannot find the switch for your bedside lamp, or you would rather get up in the darkness so as not to interrupt your sleeping partner.

As you trudge across the dark room, as well as you think you know the short route from the bed to the door, a thud, and corresponding "ouch," happens far too often. Darn that bed corner for mysteriously appearing and jutting into your leg! That's going to bruise!

Well, never fear, this new touch sensor floor lamp will keep the marks off your legs and minimize midnight curses.

The light is built into the floor, and remains off while you are in bed, but turns on when you hop out for your midnight meander down the hall. In addition, like an alarm clock, you can set the floor lamp to turn on at a certain time, and there is the choice for musical accompaniment.

Furthermore, if you stand for more than a second in one place, the machine running the light will record bodyweight and heart-rate, and then analyze if you need more sleep or more exercise.

This option can obviously be shut off if you're having a "fat week" and don't want to know what the scale says.

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