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Innovation station (3)

By Wang Kaihao (China Daily)

08:20, April 28, 2012

The Cloud draws visitors. Photos by Zhang Wei and Wang Kaihao / China Daily

Tsinghua University art major Tian Li decided to work on a project related to music before arriving at the event. His team created The Beginner - a mechanical device that automatically plays Beethoven's Ode to Joy using spoons that clink seven glasses containing different amounts of water to create different notes.

"I confess it's not as beautiful as when an orchestra plays," Tian says.

"But that's what we hope to convey - that technical tools are elementary when compared with art."

Tian says the purpose of the multimedia arts studio, called The Parachutes, that he started at his school, often deals with these questions.

"We want to use technology to bring more dreams about art back down to earth," Tian says.

A six-juror panel judges Art Hack Weekend's works and selects pieces to further develop as exhibits for the Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts in Beijing's 798 Art Zone.

"It's unfair to judge these works by traditional criteria," says judge Tao Ling, a Berlin-based multimedia artist and head of the German-Chinese Culture Society.

"We want to give them more freedom to express themselves. I don't expect well-scrutinized works within such a short time. But I need clear explanations of their ideas, which is the gist of creation."

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