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Internet copyright protection faces conundrum (2)

By Wang Mengjie and Wu Qi (China Youth Daily)

08:13, April 28, 2012

In Kuang's opinion, the main resistance came from the legislative level. For example, the heavy cost of evidence collecting and low compensation. If someone finds that his article is illegally reproduced, it will be very difficult for him to investigate and collect evidences. Even if he successfully protects his legal rights, he only gets compensation according to the remuneration standards. The cost on evidence collecting is not in proportion to the compensation.

Kuang told the reporter that it is difficult to find the concept of "private knowledge" and "exclusive copyright" in traditional Chinese culture but "piracy is not to steal." The concept of private copyright cannot find a support in Chinese cultural atmosphere.

Qu said that the modern concept of copyright has not yet been formed and the majority of the public are accustomed to share the works of others free of charge, which maybe is the biggest obstacle on copyright protection on the Internet.

Is it irreconcilable between filling the information gap and copyright protection?

Cheng Tao said that China-style copyright protection seemingly contradicts the free knowledge obtainment. In fact, it is rooted in the current stage of social development. Qu said that the copyright system is a game rule set for rich men and most are still poor.

Poor grassroots have their own difficulties to purchase the legal copies.

"Why do so many people buy and download pirated books? Because a legal copy normally needs 30 yuan or 40 yuan and a cassette tape needs 50 yuan or 60 yuan. Many Chinese people are poor, especially students. They cannot get knowledge because they have no money. Therefore, a vicious cycle that the poorer the people are the less they get knowledge will be formed," said a netizen nicknamed "wangyuling0012." Many people are worried that the unequal access to information and knowledge may lead rich people to become richer and poor people become poorer.

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