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Syria records 1,300 violations by "terrorists" of UN-led truce (2)


08:06, April 27, 2012

In central Hama province, SANA said bomb-makers accidentally set off explosives they were manufacturing at a house in Masha'a al-Tayyar neighborhood, killing 16 people and injuring 12 others. However, the opposition accused the government troops of being behind the incident and said that the heavy shelling killed 70 in that area.

In Arbeen, a four-member family was killed by gunfire of armed groups on Thursday, said SANA.

Meanwhile, UN observers, who arrived in Syria 10 days ago to monitor the shaky cease-fire, inspected the location of the incident in Hama, according to Ahmad Fawzi, spokesman of Kofi Annan, however, the spokesman gave no details.

SANA said the UN observers on Thursday visited also the southern province of Sweida, the Damascus suburb of Douma, central Homs and Hama.

Currently, there are 15 observers on ground in Syria, four of whom were dispatched evenly to Homs and Hama. The number of the team is to grow to 100 within the next month and eventually would reach up to 300 in accordance with the UN Security Council's recent resolution.

On daily bases, the monitors tour several hotspots across Syria to pave the way for the full mission.

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