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May Day Holiday Travel Guide: Water Town - Sail on the "Venice of the East" (6)

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

15:28, April 26, 2012

Wu Zhen (

China’s Top Water Towns – Wu Zhen

Wu Zhen lies at the north of Tongxiang City of Zhejing provice. “Wu” in Chinese means black.; “Zhen” means town. Since most of the decorated archways are black and many residential houses’ walls are painted in black (it is said that the black paints can protect the wall), the town is called Wu Zhen. The unique thing about Wu Zhen is that the village is 2 kilometers long and is divided into six districts: traditional workshop district, traditional local dwellings district, traditional culture district, traditional food district, customs district and traditional shopping district. The town is extremely well protected and not as commercial as many other water towns.

Famous attractions include the Old Post Office, Former Residence of Mao Dun, Xiuzhen Guan Stage, Shadow Play and many special museums and workshops such as Hundred Beds Museums, Folk Custom Museum, Woodcarving Museum, Foot binding Museum, Tobacco Workshop, Foundry Workshop and so on.

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