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May Day Holiday Travel Guide: Xi'An - Walk through the time tunnel (14)

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

13:47, April 25, 2012

City Transportation

Xi’An Xianyang International Airport is the major airport serving the city and the fourth largest airport in China. It’s about 48 km to the city center and takes about one hour by taxi. The airport has 3-6 Airport Shuttle Bus service lines to the city center and ticket costs 25RMB for a single trip.

Xi’An Railway Station is the largest railway hub in the western part of China. You may take bus 5, 9, 25, 42 and 603 to the train station.

Public Bus
The city public buses are very convenient for people to get around the city. Passangers are requested to drop the fees into the box near the bus gate. Therefore, you’d better have your change ready if you want to take the bus. The tickets usually vary from 1 to 5RMB.

Starting price is 6RMB and 1.5RMB is charged for every extra km after 2km.

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