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May Day Holiday Travel Guide: Xi'An - Walk through the time tunnel (4)

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

13:47, April 25, 2012

Ancient City Wall (

Top Must-See Sites in Xi’An – Ancient City Walls

Xi’An Ancient City wall, one of the most important landmarks of the Xi’An city, is located right in the city center. The original foundation of the Xi’An City Wall was built in the Tang Dynasty and rebuilt on a large scale by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhuang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty. It is 12 meters high, 15 meters across the top, 18 meters thick at the bottom and 11.9km in length. A rampart was built every 120 meters to allow soldiers to see those enemies who would try to climb the wall in the old times. The Wall illustrated a perfect tactic system for defense. It’s also the most complete and best preserved city wall that have survived through China’s long history. Now this Ancient City Wall radiates a romantic setting with its red colored lamps and flags and gray colored wall, which attracts many tourists all over the world every day.

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